Fall Art Sale with guests Cami Gray and Redford Lindsey

My Spartan 1954 trailer remodel was a labor of LOVE. 

It’s finally ready to visit and check out not only my new art work, but also the land recovery that has been ongoing for the past 7 years.  Feel free to wander the paths after you check in at the gallery.  AND WATCH for the CLIFF!

I’ve missed having events, and still don’t have a large indoor concert venue, but we will have live music on Sunday, October 14 from 3-5 to celebrate my new art scene.

Don’t miss the fun, the pots, the photos and the planters.  And come back for Sharon Bourbonnais’s solo set from 3-5 on Sunday.

I sure hope to see you in the crowd.

susie the potter, and wildlife preserve manager.

In Process. Come see the results.

Please join me and my two special guests as we introduce the Shade Tree Potter’s Spartan Gallery.

I’ll be hosting an Open House and Sale in the newly renovated 1954 Spartan Trailer that now will serve as my gallery.

Saturday October 13, from 11 – 5
Sunday, October 14, from 11 – 5

Redford Lindsey: showing his photos and photo postcards
Cami Gray: showing her lush succulent gardens

And I will have all new work, both porcelain and stoneware.

Sharon Bourbonnais plays jazz piano and sings for us from 3-5 on Sunday.

Same place, but there’s no longer a sign over the gate.

Slowly returning to the studio

It’s a new year and time for me to go to My Studio and make something.

It’s been a long time away and I’m chipping away at the inertia block surrounding me.

You could help by sending me thoughts on what you’d like to see me making when I re-emerge.

Mostly I’ve been working on the burned land, encouraging the new growth and cutting down the dead woods.

Life goes on and the succession of plants is very interesting to observe.

Lots of decisions still to be made, but I’m moving closer every day to the clay.

Firing Complete: Turning a new leaf at the Shade Tree Potter’s Studio

I’m thrilled to be writing to you again, especially with news that I have been back in the studio at last, glazing and firing a group of miniature sculptures which I’ll be selling at the Spicewood Arts RoundUp, October 18 and 19.

These pieces are intimate in nature, minimalist impressions of birds and stauesque plants, sculpted in soft stoneware and glazed in rich bronze and jade tones.  I’m very pleased with these jewels.  

I missed the birds as much as I missed the trees when I moved to Austin after the fire.  In my new home, I follow the meanderings of turkeys, roadrunners, titmice and wrens.  I wake to birdsong and catch the morning light breaking behind the mockingbird’s profile and know that I am home again.

I have a new phone number, so please make note: 512/693-7687 that spells 512 693-POTS.

And a note of thanks to the sky above for today’s major soaking rains.  Fall begins tomorrow and I am so glad.  See you at the roundup! and YES, there will also soon be a musical happening.

Twilight Trio

Twilight Trio

Twilight Trio – 2 – 5 pm Sunday Poluck @2

25001 Tx Hwy 71 West
Spicewood Texas 78669
512.264.9923Price: guest list

The DOGDAYS must soon draw to an end – we all need a BREAK from the doldrums and drought.

Please join me on Sunday, September 4th (from 2-5) for music in the gallery with The Twilight Trio.

Tickets are $20 – RSVP now for number in your party:  susie@shadetreepotter.com  (include your phone number)


There’s an ever widening circle of friends who enjoy the music, art and gatherings, here on the cliff above  the Pedernales River.  I hope you’ll add to the circle by inviting someone new to share this experience.


I’ll be introducing my summer’s work, two Urn Series: Sweet Souls and Return to Earth.  I’ve made custom funeral urns for several years.  These urns are elegant, nature inspired tributes to those we love and have lost.

Hope to see you and your guests in the gallery for a great afternoon of retro roots music, from The Twilight Trio.  Don’t miss it!

Email me at susie@shadetreepotter.com to reserve your place.  Be sure to include your phone number.

Pray for Rain!  and see you Sunday, September 4 from 2-5, at Shade Tree Potter’s Gallery.

Spicewood Elementary 5th Grade Field Trip

Each year the 5th Grade comes for a Filed Trip to take a long nature walk, and learn some plant names, see the view from the cliff and collect bits of nature to make a clay tile souvenir from the day. 

They use the bits of nature like stamps, impressing the soft clay slab with a nature design.

I copy each students name on to the back of his tile.  After the first firing I glaze the pieces and they are fired again.  Each student creates a work of art to keep and remember the day on the land.